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i've decided to move to a new lj where i will post all my fics from now on. that account is yoonsoo! so really, it's not goodbye at all unless you want it to be!

a few things i know will be asked:

are you going to take down/move your fics?
nope! they'll all stay up here. there's a chance i might change my mind at some point in the future, but for right now i have no reason to take any of the fics down and even less reason to move them. the only exception to this will probably be the first two chapters of fault lines, since it is a wip.

are you leaving ______ fandom?
for the most part, no. you could say i'm leaving vixx fandom for good, but i honestly haven't been involved with that fandom for over a year now. i'm not moving journals to change fandoms, basically.

so why are you moving journals?
50% because i want a relatively fresh start, 50% because i want a new username and i'm not paying for it. it's nothing serious. i changed my tumblr and twitter recently as well and i'm changing colleges this semester...i just kind of want everything to be new!

so, that's it. i can't think of any more questions i would be asked, but if you have any go ahead and ask them!

honestly, having this comm has been a really great experience for me. everyone has been incredibly nice to me since i started posting fic here and i've made a lot of good friends. it's meant the world to me and has really helped me improve as a writer. thank you guys so much and i really hope to see you in the future!

also, feel free to comment on fics here if you want to, i'll still see it and love it! ♡3♡
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