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Update: Everything I write from now on will be posted at yoonsoo! For more info, see this entry!

General disclaimer that everything I post here is fiction and is not meant to be an accurate depiction of the real people featured within!

Fics are divided into two sections, shortfic (oneshots, anything < 10k) and longfic (chaptered, anything > 10k) and are listed here by order of posting (earliest to latest). They also all have more detailed summaries on their respective entries (sometimes, anyway).

I recently (as of 1/20/14) edited my tags for this comm. Most of the tags are similar, but none of them are exactly the same as they were and I've also added genre and rating tags. Exciting!

(If you want to keep up with my fic for some reason and don't have an LJ, you can follow my fic blog on tumblr. All I post is links to new fics there!)


fandom: vixx
pairing: n/ravi
word count: 726
summary: Hakyeon thinks Wonshik has bad taste in clothes.
(short and sweet)

but i'm coming home
fandom: vixx
pairing: leo/hyuk
word count: 1718
summary: Leo steals Hyuk's words from him.
(to the point, named after a trey songz lyric)

before you go
fandom: vixx
pairing: ken/leo
word count: 887
summary: Holden Caulfield's psyche and a dick up the ass.
(i wrote this in an hour, it's one of those fics)

steak knives
fandom: vixx
pairing: ken/hongbin
word count: 1118
summary: Hongbin tries to balance them on his head.
(i'm terrible to these two)

after me (the flood)
fandom: reply 1997
pairing: joonhee/yoonjae
word count: 3110
summary: Yoonjae listens, this time.
(heed the warnings on this one)

this is your heart
fandom: btob
pairing: minhyuk/eunkwang
word count: 2215
summary: Eunkwang takes in stray cats and dancers.

fandom: btob
pairing: ilhoon/hyunsik
word count: 2995
summary: Hyunsik wears ties and Ilhoon loosens them.
(not happy)

steal me away
fandom: btob
pairing: ilhoon/hyunsik
word count: 2352
summary: A flower turns its face towards the sun, always.
(not an au for once)

fandom: btob
pairing: minhyuk/hyunsik
word count: 2027
summary: In four parts.
(held together by subject and style)

fandom: btob
pairing: ilhoon/hyunsik
word count: 979
summary: It's hard to keep a wig in place when you're getting fucked.
(dress up)

fandom: btob
pairing: ilhoon/hyunsik
word count: 1762
summary: Ilhoon teases and Hyunsik falls for it.
(hook, line, and sinker)

rabbit hole
fandom: btob
pairing: ilhoon/sungjae, ilhoon/minhyuk, ilhoon/eunkwang, ilhoon/changsub, minhyuk/eunkwang
word count: 5955
summary: Blindfold on, clothes off.
(exactly what you think it is)

fandom: btob
pairing: minhyuk/eunkwang
word count: 1039
summary: Like a clock or clothing, well-loved.
(sweet nothings, nothing more)

fandom: exo
pairing: xiumin/luhan
word count: 4407
summary: Lu Han helps Minseok do what he cannot.
(like the ocean, deep and dangerous)

on the longest nights
fandom: btob
pairing: ilhoon/hyunsik
word count: ~10,000
summary: This time Hyunsik is the first one to say, "Hello."
(the boy who leapt through time)

candy apple
fandom: btob
pairing: ilhoon/hyunsik, ilhoon/sungjae
word count: 4644
summary: Jealousy is a knife that cuts everyone deep.
(love games)

fandom: btob
pairing: ilhoon/sungjae
word count: 8242
summary: Street corners, leather jackets, and first love.
(sweet and sour, prequel to vanilla)


now and then (part one, part two)
fandom: btob
pairing: ilhoon/hyunsik
word count: ~14,000
summary: Ilhoon sleeps all day, Hyunsik sings songs and, somehow, they come together despite everything.
(angsty, but happy ending)

darkroom (prologue, part one, part two, part three, and translated into hungarian here)
fandom: vixx
pairing: ken/hongbin
word count: ~18,000
summary: There's a cut on Hongbin's hand that just won't heal.
(i'm still terrible to these two)

vanilla (part one, part two, extra, prequel)
fandom: btob
pairing: ilhoon/hyunsik
word count: ~20,000
summary: Ilhoon's cold and sweet and Hyunsik's melting in his hand.
(more simply: the sugar daddy au)

fault lines (part one, part two, tbc)
fandom: btob
pairing: minhyuk/sungjae, ilhoon/hyunsik, etc.
word count: tbd. (likely to be around 25-30k and at least four parts)
summary: The world shifts and some things fall apart, while others fall together.
(ensemble cast of fuck ups, including dropouts, dealers, and cheaters)
Tags: masterlist
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